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Norm Spitzig, MCM addresses the Texas Lone Star Chapter CMAA at a recent State
Meeting. Norm spoke on effective Governance Models used in clubs. October 2012 

Chapter Education 


The partners of Master Club Advisors, both individually and collectively, have developed and participated in a number of professional development programs for leaders of the private club community throughout the world.

These Programs have included many presentations to members of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) on an international, national, regional and local level as well as members and directors of private clubs, the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA).

Master Club Advisors Partners are available to speak at Chapter meetings and Allied Association events.


Recognizing a Truly Great Private Club –

And Staying and Flourishing There for as Long as you Want!

Presenter Norm Spitzig, MCM

What are the keys to long term professional success and personal fulfillment in private club management? What makes a good club a GREAT club? What do those General Managers who work at the same club ten years or more do and know that others could learn from? What qualities do club Boards of Directors really want in their General Managers? Why is it that some General Managers flourish as volunteer leaders continue to change, while others are unable or unprepared to make the transition? Norm Spitzig, MCM, a respected leader and speaker in the world of private club management, will answer these questions and more in a lively and stimulating interchange.

As a result of this program, participants will be able to: 

·        Have a significantly better chance for long term success in the job in club management that is right for them.
·        Better understand club management from the perspective of the Board of Directors/Owners.
·        Learn pragmatic, proven skills that will likely increase longevity, productivity and job satisfaction/enjoyment.


"Successful Leadership Models in the Private Club Industry: A Partnership

between the Club Board of Directors and General Manager"

Presenter Norm Spitzig, MCM

Master Club Advisors Senior Partner Norm Spitzig has recently updated and expanded his most popular professional development offering. Based upon his nationally acclaimed and highly successful Board Orientation & Training program, Successful Leadership Models in the Private Club Industry: A Partnership between the Board of Directors and the GeneralManager offers an in-depth look at the “best private club governance practices” currently in use. As part of the program, the “new CMAA leadership model” is presented and examined through the eyes of a veteran industry leader. (Norm was a member of the Task Force that developed and refined CMAA’s new leadership paradigm.)

Like its predecessor, this program is most effective either as a CMAA Chapter/Regional presentation for both Club Directors and General Managers or as a seminar for individual Club Boards. Says Spitzig, “Club Directors like this program because it helps them better understand, in a practical and understandable manner from a neutral third party, their specific duties as directors. Similarly, general managers are pleased to hear an industry leader confirm the vital importance of a good general manager to the longterm success of the club as well as augment their own orientation program with first-hand experience and advice “from the trenches.”

Craig Martin, General Manager/COO of St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida, had this to say about Norm’s presentation to his Board of Directors:

“I am still receiving praise from my Board members on how educational and interesting your seminar was. I cannot thank you enough for the invaluable information and insight you provided for us in this session.”

Ron Banaszak, CCM of the Club Managers Association of Southern California said this about Norm’s presentation to both Club Directors and General Managers from his area:

“What an incredible educational session! I have received positive feedback and outright praise from not only the managers in attendance but the directors, too. Congratulations on scoring one of the highest ratings ever.”

Craig and Ron’s comments are representative of many other general managers around the country who have also had Norm speak with their individual Boards or to their Chapter members who attend with a Board Member.“My ultimate goal in this effort is really quite simple,” Norm says. “I want to leave the club with a more focused and better informed Board who are more understanding and appreciative of the roles, responsibilities and challenges of their General Manager/Chief Operating Officer.”


What Happened to Food& Beverage Profitability

Presenter Bill Schulz, MCM 

"One of the more challenging questions the Club Manager encounters sometime in their career is to explain why the Club does not make money in their food and beverage operation."

In every club, there is usually one member on the Board of Directors or House Committee in the food business or someone who thinks he/she “knows it all” when it comes to running a food operation. This individual may be connected with the hospitality industry as a purveyor, in the hotel business, a partner in a popular restaurant or plays the role known as a “foodie” amongst member friends. This so called, Food Expert, just can’t understand why XYZ Restaurant is profitable and that every year, his Club incurs a loss in its food and beverage operation. To top it off, the Food Expert is not bashful and has a habit of influencing and sharing his opinion with any other member who will listen. The manager is often caught in the middle between satisfying the members and financial accountability to the Board and Finance Committee.

The food and beverage operation in a private club is complex. There is no single answer or reason as to why clubs, as a rule, do not turn a profit in their dining rooms. Using his 40 plus years of experience in food service, MCA Senior Partner & Principal will prepare you with talking points to help defend yourself and show you how you can educate the naysayers with the facts.  As the manager, you should understand the particulars and be able to explain the differences between for profit and non-profit operations.


"The View from the Trenches:

What Club Boards Are Really Looking For in their Next General Manager?"

Presenter’s Norm Spitzig, MCM and Bill Schulz, MCM


Presented by the two Executive Search Partners of Master Club Advisors - Norm Spitzig, MCM and Bill Schulz, MCM - this updated program offers candid, current and practical career information, based upon real life experiences, with regards to what candidates for manager, general manager and/or chief operating officer positions in the private club industry can do to maximize their chances to be successful in their search. Both speakers present a segment of the program - after which follows a general “question and answer session.” The revised presentation includes highlights of the latest in compensation and operational trends in the private club industry based on the information gathered in Master Club Advisors’ acclaimed Symposiums.

Norm and Bill have developed this highly interactive seminar as a result of their growing success in placing General Managers at great private clubs around the country. This program saw its debut in at the World Conference on Club Management held in Miami Beach, Florida and has been successfully presented to a number of CMAA Chapters and Regions around the country since that time. “A View from theTrenches” was also a featured professional development presentation at the Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM) Annual Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jack Sullivan, Past National President of CMAA and Vice President & General Manager of The Old Collier Golf Club in Naples, Florida, had this to say about the exclusive Master Club Advisors General Manager search process:

“Master Club Advisors has been most successful in pairing the right manager with the right club. Their first-hand knowledge of the industry and their passion for the private club world make them superb at what they do. This particular program passes on that wisdom and experience to club managers around the country. I highly recommend it.”


"Everything You Wanted To Know About

Managing A Developer Owned Club - But Were Afraid To Ask"

Presenter Norm Spitzig, MCM

Norm Spitzig, MCM has a new addition to the growing list of Master Club Advisor’s professional development offerings to CMAA, CSCM and CMAE Chapters.

This seminar will answer the key questions associated with a manager’s possible move from a traditional member-owned club operation to a developer-owned one. In particular, Norm will address the history and growth of developer-owned clubs and management companies in the private club industry as well as provide insight on the advantages and disadvantages of career opportunities in non-member owned club facilities. Norm, having “been there, done that,” offer candid, current and practical information based on real life experiences on what both developer and management companies look for when recruiting General Managers.


"New Trends & Fantastic Ideas in Club Governance,

Operation and Finances, updated 2012"

Presenter Norm Spitzig, MCM

Master Club Advisors Principal & Senior Partner Norm Spitzig, MCM has recently updated one of his most popular professional development offerings.

This program is based upon information gathered during General Manager search assignments, Symposium gatherings and Board Leadership Orientations. This allows us to present thevery latest trends and best operational ideas in the world of private clubs. This newly revised program has already attracted the attention of several CMAA and CSCM Chapters around North America.

Internationally recognized as an eloquent and visionary veteran of and spokesman for the private club industry, Norm is a magna cumlaude graduate of Boston College and holds a Master’s Degree from Ohio State University. His professional career began at the renowned Scioto Country Club in Columbus, Ohio, and led to successful general manager positions for nearly three decades at prestigious private clubs in Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota and Florida. His ground breaking book Perspectives on Club Management – now 18 years old – continues to inspire and challenge club directors, managers and students around the world.

Norm’s leadership and professional contributions to the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) have been varied and significant .Elected a National Director of CMAA in 1989, he served as National President in 1995 – the same year he became one of the six original general managers to earn the prestigious lifetime Master Club Manager (MCM) designation.