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San Antonio, TX, 2015

Master Club Manager (MCM)

The Master Club Manager (MCM) Designation "The Master Club Manager (MCM) designation is the highest level of professional certification and achievement awarded by the Club Managers Association of America.”

The Master Club Manager program recognizes the importance of significant, long-lasting contributions made by club managers to  their clubs, their professions and their communities. In addition, the MCM designation in club management provides the means by which experienced club managers can make a significant written contribution to their industry.

In 1990, the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Board of Directors delegated the task of developing its MCM designation to its Certification Committee. Since that time the requirements and procedures which comprise this MCM Portfolio have been implemented to yield a meaningful and challenging, but achievable, professional development program for CMAA’s membership.

Norm Spitzig was one of the six original general managers to earn the Master Club Manager (MCM) designation in 1995. The topic of Norm’s MCM monograph addresses how to recognize specific warning signs that one’s club management position may be in jeopardy. It provides a practical, useful, and easily implemented guide/checklist that club managers can use to evaluate when alternative positions should be considered.