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“We take pride in knowing our candidates and maintaining current connections with the most qualified individuals in the club management profession.”


Step One

Determining NeedsDuring our initial consultation visit, we meet with the club's Selection Committee to learn about the club and its requirements. We probe deeply to get a feel for the club's culture, member profile, organization, facilities, available services and financial resources. We spend time with the Club's management staff gaining impressions and observing the operation. This allows for a thorough understanding of the environment, personalities involved and preferred management style. Each club is unique and has special needs. This first step is a critical component to ensure a successful match.

Step Two

Creating a Position Specification and Club ProfileThe Position Specification and Club Profile are important documents. Once approved by the client, they serve as benchmarks throughout the search process. The Position Specification identifies preferred personal traits of the candidate, defines required competencies, explains duties, outlines reporting relationships and sets forth expectations of the position. The Club Profile describes the club and details of the organization.

Step Three

Candidate ProcurementExtensive research is undertaken to seek out the best candidates’ possible. Selected candidates are identified from our current data base of resumes, the placement of strategic ads and through Club industry and network with contacts whose relationships and trust were earned over many years of being in the business. We target professionals currently employed.

Step Four

Screening ProcessPerformed correctly, the Screening Process can save our clients valuable time eliminates frustration and expense. That is why we conduct extensive research to ensure that we recommend only viable candidates. Typically, six to eight references are checked for each candidate. Educational degrees are verified and each candidate is required to successfully complete our signature; Candidate's Strength Analysis. The Candidate's Strength Analysis is used to help determine the depth of the candidate's experience, dedication and ability to make sound decisions.

Step Five

Matching Exercise After the Screening Process, we select only the most promising individuals. We thoroughly review the opportunity and explain the particulars of the position with them. We determine their level of interest, compensation requirements, career goals and the geographical/cultural fit for the candidate and his/her family with the position's locale. We do not leave any stone unturned.

Step Six

Candidate IntroductionWe prepare a profile on each candidate, which includes the individual's resume, major accomplishments, career goals, and evaluation of his/her overall fit for the position. At this stage, we share the results of the Candidates’ Strength Analysis. After reviewing the candidates’profiles with the Selection Committee, we arrange for the initial interview sessions with the most promising individuals.

Step Seven

Initial InterviewsThe five to ten most highly qualified candidates are introduced to the Selection Committee. In preparation for the interview process, the candidate is given our briefing materials as well as a tour of the facilities. The Selection Committee is prepared with a list of suggested interview questions (if required) and pertinent information on each candidate. 

Step Eight

Follow-up InterviewAfter the initial interview, the Selection Committee typically interviews the top two or three candidates a second time prior to making their final determination. Once the final candidate is identified, our clients often ask us to assist in structuring a compensation package and help with the negotiations.

Step Nine

Extending the OfferAfter a compensation package has been developed, the offer is extended. We act as facilitators representing both the candidate and the club to ensure that a solid relationship is established. If there is any hesitation in accepting the offer, we help resolve any problems that might prevent the offer from being accepted. Upon accepting the offer, we maintain communications to minimize any apprehension, or questions, which may arise regarding the new position and to avoid any distractions that might cause the candidate to reconsider and withdraw his/her acceptance of the arrangement.

Step Ten

Follow-up Prior to completing the search assignment, we recommend establishing a Performance Review Process. The Performance Review provides a clear understanding of expectations, identifies objectives, and provides a method of evaluating performance. Our normal practice is to periodically check back with the client and successful candidate during the first year to ensure things are progressing as anticipated. We offer an unconditional two-year guarantee on our placements.

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