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"Gary Collins and Master Club Advisors were great to work with.  MCA presented candidates that were a match with our required skill sets, character traits, and experience and compensation level.   I highly recommend them for any search."

Maurice Darbyshire, Senior Vice President
Golf & Country Club Division, Toll Brothers

"Gary Collins and Master Club Advisors did a fantastic job finding us the right candidate very quickly.  We set high standards and requested very specific qualifications for the Human Resources Director position and they were able to accommodate those requests with ease.  We would highly recommend them for any executive level position search"
Achal Goswami, COO/GM
Frenchman's Creek Country Club
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“I have never used a professional placement service before, either as a candidate or as a Club Executive searching for one.  As a former Club Manager himself, Mr. Gary Collins had the knowledge and the expertise to make the most appropriate connections.  He took the time and energy to thoroughly find out about me, both personally and professionally.  His hands-on approach has sold me on the benefits of using Master Club Advisors; they truly understand the Private Club Market and I wouldn’t do any future searches without them!
Perry Lancianese, GM
Westhaven Golf Club
Franklin, Tennessee

"Thanks again for all you help.  I am so grateful you accepted the offer to be our consultant for the F&B operation which brought you to the point of helping us with our GM search.  Countryside has benefited greatly from your wisdom and expertise.  It truly was a joy working with you."
Marcia Feeney, President
Countryside Golf & Country Club
Naples, Florida

"Norm, Good to talk with you. Thanks for your insight into club compensation for top General Managers. I know you placed Bill Horton at our club (Pine Forest Country Club in Houston, Texas) four years ago and he continues to do a fabulous job - and we want to compensate him accordingly.  If I can ever be of help to your firm, just ask."
Pat Murphy, Club President
Pine Forest Country Club
Houston, Texas

"Norm, It was great working with you. I think we selected an excellent candidate who will be a wonderful fit. Thanks for your timely effort on this project."
Mike Cullinane, Search Committee Member
Glen Oak Country Club
Glen Ellyn, Illinois 

"Hi Norm, I want you to know that I am very appreciative of all your help in my search for a top General Manager position. I will never forget it - and will always recommend you should I know of any club or manager searching. You are by far the most professional and a tremendous cut above all of the recruiters I have come in contact with."
Mark Del Priore, General Manager
Pine Hollow Country Club
East Norwich, New York

"Norm,  both Burt Gold (Club President) and I want to personally thank you for the professional manner in how you conducted the search for Cold Spring Country Club's General Manager.  It was truly a pleasure working with you. If the opportunity arises we will, of course, recommend your organization to prospective clients."
Jerry Hammer
Search Committee Chairman

"How refreshing to see a search firm announce the conclusion of a position search.  So many search firms end up being a black hole that consume information/resumes without letting the candidates know how the search concluded.  Once again, MCA rises above the crowd with integrity and professionalism."
Greg Crawford, CCM
Highlands Golf & Country Club
Highlands, North Carolina

"Norm, Thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done for us. You brought a terrific array of candidates and guided us with a firm hand and a strong process. All the best!"
Maureen Cotter, Search Committee Member and House Committee Chair
Mariner Sands
Stuart, Florida

"Hello Norm, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing five great candidates to our Search Committee. You and your firm are very professional, and I am sure all of the Committee members were very impressed.

Thanks again for all your hard work. I look forward to seeing you next month for your Board Leadership Orientation at the Club."
Gordy Hicks, Search Committee Member and Tennis Chairman
Mariner Sands
Stuart, Florida

"Norm - Per my voice mail, thanks for your outstanding performance on this important assignment. Dan Pomomchak is a good one who will do an excellent job for us. Apawamis is in your debt for all of your hard and meticulous work. We will come back to you shortly on the performance bonus we spoke about - you earned it." 
Steve Baird, Board Member
The Apawamis Club

“Thank you. I believe Jim will be a good fit for Happy Hollow and I appreciate all of your efforts in bringing excellent candidates to our attention. I also appreciate all of your guidance and help in the process of hiring a new general manager. I would highly recommend your company to any club looking for a manager.” 
John P. Inserra, Immediate Past President
Happy Hollow Club

“Thanks for your help with our search. You did a magnificent job and your firm’s process is outstanding. I hope we can have you to Omaha sometime for one of our events after Jim gets settled.”

John W. Hancock, President
Happy Hollow Club

"It has been a pleasure working with you on the process. Also, hearing more about the role of club manager versus board responsibilities prompted a discussion at the board meeting about board members moving out of the day-to-day operations once Jim Davis is in place. The information you gave us will help us support Jim while not micromanaging him. We are all grateful for your expertise, guidance, and humor as we made our way through the search." 
Jane Martin
Greenville Country Club
Greenville, Delaware

"Norm, Thanks again for all your help. Our new General Manager (Steve Seidensticker) seems to be really enjoying his first few days on the job and, in turn, we are relating to him in a very positive manner.  We look forward to working with Steve for many years to come."
Rod White, President 
Williams Island

"Norm,I have been meaning to write - and now the time is on target. Just a sincere thanks for all your really terrific and very professional work in helping our club (the Indian Trail Club) and our family look for and find our General Manager.  But more so, I wanted to thank you for helping guide us and keep us on track and informed. We all appreciate it and are very thankful." 
Bevinn McBride Romaine

"On behalf of the members of the Capital City Club I want to thank you for your help, patience and leadership in our search for a new General Manager. I knew early on that I needed a professional to help with this search and you proved to be the right choice."  As you know, we started the process by conducting a competition between nationally recognized search firms and you won that competition with a unanimous vote from our Search Committee. We all learned a great deal from the process and I wish I could use that knowledge again. In reality, maybe I am glad I will not have to. I am sure you saw many flaws in our proceedings but you were too much of a gentleman to point them out.  To make a long story short, you helped us design a profile for the man we wanted and then you identified those who fit that profile. I am confident we selected the right man for the job. We are excited that Matt McKinney was our choice and will become the 7th General Manager in our 123 year old history.  Thank you again for all of your help. I can speak for our Search Committee by saying that no one could have done a better jab for us than you. I hope that we will have the opportunity to see you again in the future."
James D. Fluker, President 
Capital City Club 
Atlanta, Georgia

"Norm, Thanks again for a great job with outstanding candidates. You make the process efficient and meaningful." 
Glenn Noland, President
Nashawtuc Country Club
Concord, Massachusetts

"Thank you for a very professional process and  bringing us excellent candidates. Since I am involved in this process on other Boards, I can appreciate how well this one was done. Those "big name" search firms don't have near the success rate you do."
Allen Deaver, Search Committee Member
Lancaster Country Club
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Norm, Thank you again for your assistance in making our General Manager search such an enjoyable and exciting process.  The caliber of candidates that you presented was outstanding. Your professional approach and thorough investigation of the prospective candidates allowed us to  concentrate on those people best qualified for Knollwood Country Club.  Randy Burgess, CCM is the right person at the right time and I am sure he will be extremely successful and take our great Club to new heights.  Thank you again. Please do not hesitate to use my name when talking to prospective clients. I would be pleased to give you and your firm the highest recommendation." 
Richard D. Colton, Search Committee Chairman
Knollwood Country Club
West Bloomfield, Michigan

"Norm, Thank you so much for your excellent presentation to our Board of Governors last Saturday.  I have no doubt that the Board Members present at that meeting left knowing you truly are an expert in the private club industry.  Hopefully, they will embrace your comments and we can proceed with all the leaders of Salem Country Club (both Board members and key staff) better understanding their roles and responsibilities in the process of governing our club."
Guy Bytof, General Manager
Salem Country Club

"Norm,  It was great to see you again.  Your presentation was very well received.  You are always a hit with the Greater Southwest Chapter!" 
Jo Sours, Managing Director
Greater Southwest Chapter CMAA

"Norm, Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. You felt the spirit, culture and uniqueness of the Huron Moutain Club with astonishing speed!  I am truly grateful that Kevin has been tapped for this job and feel a sense of comfort that we as a Club have been searching for. I look forward to years of good management."
Elinor McLennan, President
Huron Mountain Club

"I have the utmost respect for Norm's recruitment abilities and professional conduct - he has the uncanny knack of consistently placing the right General Manager with the right Club."
Douglas Dugan, General Manager
The Little Club
Gulfstream, Florida

"Norm, Thanks for bringing us a great slate of candidates and for being so responsive to our priorities and specific needs."
Robbie Irvin, Search Committee Member
Roaring Gap Club
Roaring Gap, North Carolina

"Thank you for your fine work on this project.  As you probably heard me say, I have been trying for 10 years to get CCS to hire someone to find them a good manager. You fit the bill perfectly. You were the extreme professional, and I truly believe that we are finally on the road to recovery here. Thanks so much for your hard work, your guidance and yes your patience."                                           
T. Alexander Evins, Search Committee / Past President
The Country Club of Spartanburg
Spartanburg, South Carolina

"Mark was unanimously approved by the Board last night.  As far as we are concerned, you have completed your work and done a splendid job.  I really appreciate your professional assistance and I really enjoyed getting to know you."
Cherokee Country Club
Knoxville, Tennessee

"Norm, it was great working wit you on this search. Fabulous job with the candidates. We could never have rounded up a list of prospects like you did on our own. Thanks again and great job!"                                                                                                   
Search Committee Member
Skokie Country Club
Skokie, Illinois

"We somewhat reluctantly decided to hire a search consultant in hope of speeding the process. Imagine our pleasant surprise, Ed, when you presented a list of candidates with talent levels far in excess of what we would have hoped to generate on our own! Your service as facilitator in the process of screening, visitations, interviews and negotiations were invaluable. Your Managerial Strength Analysis of each candidate was especially useful in screening for the final candidates and in conducting more thorough interviews."                                                                                         
Chairman, General Manager Search
Coosa Country Club
Rome, Georgia

"Thank you, Norm. I would recommend Master Club Advisors to any club looking for management personnel. I appreciate your hard work and professionalism."                                                                                              
Search Committee Member
Quail Hollow Golf Club
Charlotte, North Carolina

"We reviewed the qualifications of five search firms and formally interviewed two finalists before selecting Master Club Advisors. We were initially impressed with your search process and candid responsiveness. In the end you even exceeded our expectations. As Chairman of the Search Committee, I especially appreciated your candor, responsiveness and integrity throughout the entire search process. You were there for the 'hand holding' telephone calls during the screening process and were extremely helpful as a facilitator during the offer/acceptance phase. Great job!"  
Vice President & Treasurer
Wyndemere Country Club
Naples, Florida

"Thank you, Norm! The entire experience was interesting - with the best part being getting to know you. We appreciate your being so thorough in trying to find the perfect General Manager for us and feel that we could have been happy with any of the three we so deliberated over."
Search Committee Member
Figure Eight Island Yacht Club
Wilmington, North Carolina

"I feel very confident we made a great decision hiring our new General Manager, but the best ever decision was selecting your firm to assist us in our effort. You were helpful and always willing to assist whenever needed. Your enthusiasm was most impressive and it never waned. I was also impressed by the way you jumped in and helped locate a very capable interim manager when we suddenly faced the need to fill that role. Ed, I enjoyed meeting you and hope that we will stay in touch. Rest assured that if the Club ever needs a search firm again, you would be the first name at the top of my list"
Search Committee Chairman
The Country Club
Pepper Pike, Ohio

"Norm,  Thank you for all your hard work. You did a great job in providing us with quality applicants. I think our new General Manager will be a great asset to Tuscon Country Club."                                                                
Search Committee Member and Past President
Tuscon Country Club
Tuscon, Arizona


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