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Board Leadership Orientation


Norm Spitzig, MCM


 Norm’s acclaimed Board Leadership Orientation has been very well-received by many fine private clubs around the country and around the world. While the program is typically customized to meet the specific needs and expectations of each and every individual club, here is a brief overview of the highlights:

The presentation typically lasts about two hours, including time at the end for productive questions-and-answers. Topics that are typically discussed include: 

  • The core responsibilities of a Board of Directors and the General Manager in the private club environment (with special emphasis/focus on the value/importance of General Manager concept) 
  • Various governance issues, including practical suggestions for the effective and harmonious use of committees
  • Current trends in the private club industry
  • "What makes a good club a great club"
  • The results of a recent Master Club Advisors survey of "what clubs are doing in response to today's particularly challenging economic times"
  • The joint responsibility of the leadership team to appropriately preserve and develop the club's unique culture and traditions

For additional information contact Norm at or 352-735-5693