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Club Benchmarking

Club General Managers are often tasked with supplying data comparing their club to peer clubs. Without accurate data, lengthy board and committee discussions often ensue where opinions are treated as fact and there is no common view or alignment. The Club Benchmarking (CB) platform delivers accurate facts to the General Manager. The comprehensive set of benchmark data coves all facets of a club’s operation – Finance & Operations, Compensation & Benefits and Policies & Procedures.

The experience and capability of MCA’s team combined with bringing together leading managers from across the country in annual Symposiums is now linked to the industry's shared wisdom contained within Club Benchmarking's database and club business model benchmarks. MCA’s adoption of the CB platform allows MCA clients and Symposium participants to leverage data from over 1000 clubs.

The MCA & Club Benchmarking Partnership

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Further merging of separate industry surveys onto CB's single data sharing platform

Linkage of MCA experience and CB shared industry wisdom

Reduced effort and improved best practice sharing for clubs

Single click peer benchmarking for Symposium participants

Discounted CB subscription for MCA members

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As a Master Club Advisors Symposium participant you are eligible for a $240 discount on the first year CB annual subscription rate. Use coupon code mcadiscount when subscribing.