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Club Management Perspectives


"Club Management Perspectives is a professional newsletter for the private club community that promotes the practice of sharing worth while information, ideas and experience”

Introduction To Club Management Perspectives

Club Management Perspectives is an exciting and informative publication for members, managers and directors of the private club community. It is a newsletter designed and published by club managers and is written from the club manager's point of view rather than relying solely on the opinions of so-called "experts" and vendors who do not necessarily understand private clubs and their operations. Published six times a year, this internationally acclaimed newsletter includes a number of regular features that appeal to private club leaders everywhere.

Our Publication Includes…

Managers At Work - An in-depth profile of a Club General Manager and his or her club with emphasis on individual qualities that contributed to long-term success. It is our belief that in telling a variety ofpersonal stories, other Managers will be inspired by their colleague’s trials,challenges and successes. We have found that there is no one career path andmany General Managers take very interesting roads to find success in our profession.Today more than ever as the evolution of the General Manage revolves to Chief Operating Officer or Executive Vice President, MAW insights are important

Partner's Perspective - A thoughtful, often provocative commentary on topics relevant to club leaders everywhere. Each month either Norm or Bill shares insights about the profession, latest developments or just plain copy that is worth while reading!

Ask Mr. Manager - The partners “face off” on issues of concern to the private club community. And guess what? They very rarely agree but provide their advice using the experience learned over many years in the profession.

Chief Operating Officer Issues - Successful club general managers are, in practice if not name, the Chief Operating Officers (COO’s) of their club. This section focuses on what it really takes to successfully manage the business of a private club.

Food and Beverage Articles- Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the private club business, this section gives concrete, specific suggestions for implementing continuing improvements to your clubs f&b operation. Often we utilize the experience of experts in the field to help author this information.

How To - Each issue includes step-by-step proven techniques to help you implement various services or programs in your club's operation. Each issue has several short but powerful squibs that communicate this valuable information.

Idea Fair - “Get your creative juices flowing” with a multitude of innovative and imaginative ideas provided in this section. Many of the ideas we use are actual ideas that have been learned through our series of Club Symposiums.

Guest Author Articles - Some of the most respected leaders in the world of private clubs write on topics of importance and interest to members, directors and managers. We are always interested in publishing articles written by our colleagues. Should you wish to contribute with an article to the newsletter, please contact one of Master Club Advisors partners for additional information and guidelines.

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