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Club Leaders Digest

News for Today’s Club Leaders

Private Club Leader's Digest is a periodic electronic newsletter that provides vital reading for the elected leaders in today’s private clubs. Written in an easy-to-digest style, it is packed with useful information as it provides “news for today’s club leaders” by offering cutting edge ideas and solutions. It is intended to provide volunteer leaders of the club community, news that you will find informative and enlightening.

Directors and other club leaders will find this newsletter especially helpful in understanding and executing their responsibilities as they read about board/committee relations, human resource issues, food and beverage trends, governmental concerns, facility maintenance challenges and a wide sampling of what is happening in today’s private clubs.

When available we include Director’s Insights – a first-rate member letter reprinted from one of the country’s top private club presidents and Industry Insights – current, interesting facts and figures on the private club and golf industry.

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