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Why MCA for Your Important Search

Utilizing the executive search services of Master Club Advisors

offers many compelling advantages

  • Unlike others, we never poach or tamper with our placements or present the same candidate to more than one club at the same time. Never (Candidly, we find such behavior by our so-called "competitors" both unprofessional and unethical)
  • We provide our client clubs with a deep and talented pool of carefully screened candidates, all of whom have the professional skills and personal temperaments to flourish at the club for many years to come
  • Unlike others, we are the only private club exectutive search firm to require written responses from candidates as part of our internal evaluation process. We want to be sure that our placements really know the business - and can communicate in an articulate, persuasive and grammatically correct manner
  • Our unique Symposiums - gatherings of industry leaders by geography and/or type of club - assure that we have the most detailed, comprehensive, timely and accurate compensation and operations data available in the industry, and that our client clubs ultimately pay the right compensation to the new hires. About 300 leading General Managers participate in our Symposiums regularly and, as a result, our firm knows more top General Managers as real people - not just as resumes
  • The Master Club Advisors' Partners have significant, first-hand experience in successfully managing clubs. (We are Master Club Managers (MCM's) - the industry's highest designation for lifetime professional contributions and achievement. There are only 19 people in the world who have earned the prestigious designation) We have more extensive personal contacts - and know what it really takes
  • Our "no excuses'' multi-year guarantee and unique “after placement follow-up” insure a smooth and productive transition. (We have had to use our guarantee only once, confirming a significantly greater percentage of successful placements than any other firm in the private club executive search business)
  • We purposely limit the number of assignments we accept at any given time. When you engage Master Club Advisors, you get personalized, full-time attention.

    Clubs that really do their homework by checking references,

    performance and integrity invariably choose Master Club Advisors!