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                         MANAGER AT WORK

            STEPHEN G. ROPER, CCM, CCE  - May/June, 2016

     General Manager/COO - Meridian Hiss CC, Indianapolis, IN

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, I learned a strong work ethic from my mother. At nine years old, I was washing dishes, mowing the lawn, and cleaning my mother’s car. My dad
worked long hours and was only around on Sundays. So I was my mom’s little helper. She worked full time but was always there for school stuff, PTA, Booster Club, and my ball games. So I was there for her and helped anyway I needed to around the house. My college tuition was paid by my parents; but I had to work for housing, meals, and spending money. I went to work for the college maintenance department. One day my supervisor told me, “Steve, you need to apply for the bartending job at the country club in town.” He knew the manager and was trying to help me. “But I have never been a bartender!” I replied. “It doesn’t matter, they will train you – it’s not that hard.” At twenty one years old, I became one of three bartenders at the local country club in my college town of West Georgia College, Sunset Hills Country Club.

I enjoyed serving members, listening to their stories, and working in an environment of nice people. This club, mind you, was very diverse. Not only doctors and lawyers were
members, but some blue collar workers were members as well. The members took a real liking to me – I was efficient, remembered their names and what they liked to drink. They could also see how neat and tidy I kept the bar! In a year and half, the manager who hired me, Harold Drennon, went to work with Club Corporation of America. His assistant became the manager and I became his assistant. I was learning the club business, still taking classes, bought my first car, and life was good. A couple of years passed and Harold called me. “I want you to come to work for me and get in the manager’s training program with CCA (Club Corp). To read more CLICK HERE

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